A restaurant business relies heavily on refrigeration systems. Without it, uncooked meat and fresh vegetables will rot, beverages and alcohol will be warm and customers will leave. It's almost impossible to run a restaurant without a properly working refrigeration system.

Common Problems:

  • Frost or ice develops: This may be a sign of poor airflow, or a refrigerant leak.
  • Can't maintain temperature: Could be a simple user error, malfunctioning thermostat, bad seals on doors, compressor issue, or, again, a refrigerant leak.
  • Loud noises: There are fans, motors, compressor, and other mechanical component in a refrigeration equipment. Expect to hear noises; however, if it's a noise that's unfamiliar,schedule service with your refrigeration contractor.


Know when to replace your commercial refrigerator or compressor. OLTROM LLC offers comprehensive commercial refrigeration repair services throughout North Jersey. Oltrom LLC has many commercial refrigeration parts on-hand to ensure a fast repair process for you.

Not only do we provide repairs, we also help with installation. We work closely with general contractors and project managers to install and start new refrigeration systems. If you are in the process of acquiring bids for a new restaurant, send us your bids: We’ll get back to you shortly.

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When it comes to maintenance, think of your commercial refrigerator like you would your car. Imagine the compressor in a cooler is like an engine in a vehicle. If the compressor goes bad and is replaced you get a new compressor, not a whole new cooler. The same way the garage doesn’t tell you to get a new car just because you need a bit of engine work. In other words, all the other components including coils, fans, controls, piping, and gaskets (door seals) are still old. This is similar to an engine in a car going bad and being replaced. You end up with a new engine in an old car. There are a couple of key factors to consider when trying to decide whether or not to do a major repair on a piece of refrigeration equipment. Here are a few things to ponder before pulling the trigger on an expensive repair.

OLTROM Refrigeration provides the following services for commercial refrigeration equipment:

  • Commercial cooler repair & maintenance
  • Walk-in cooler repair & maintenance
  • Commercial freezer repair & maintenance
  • Walk-in freezer repair & maintenance

At OLTROM Refrigeration, we understand how big of a problem this is. Failures are inevitable and can happen at anytime. Proper maintenance of a perfectly installed refrigeration unit is key to getting the most out of your equipment and to prevent failures from happening at the worst times. Our truck is equipped with parts to get you back in business as soon as possible.

Typical services OLTROM Refrigeration provides include, but are not limited to:

Freon leak detection

Freon leak repair - Thermostat replacement - Check temperature- Compressor repair / replacement- Condenser repair / replacement - Retrofit refrigerant - Refrigerant recovery / disposal - Refrigerant leak check - Evaporator coil replacement - Diagnose / replace txv valve/ replacement - Nitrogen leak check service - Pressure control repair/ replacement - Head pressure control replacement - Defrosting frozen coils in coolers & freezers - Adjustment & replacement of defrost timer clocks - Service of frozen / plugged drain lines in coolers & freezers - Fan motor service / replacement - Condenser coil cleaning - Condenser coil degreasing- Refrigeration maintenance - Refrigeration repair - Commercial refrigeration repair - Walk in cooler service / repair - Walk in freezer service / repair - Reach in cooler service / repair - Reach in freezer service / repair - Ice box service / repair - Refrigerated warehouse service & repair.