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Air Conditioning High Efficiency Systems

Cooling your North Jersey home accounts for a large portion of your home’s total energy use. Standard Renewable Energy’s high-efficiency A/C systems and ongoing maintenance services are the best energy efficiency investments. It provides long-term comfort while lowering your energy costs.

Air Conditioning High Efficiency Systems - OLTROM
  • Save Money by using less energy to keep you and your family comfortable
  • Improve Your Indoor Air Quality by reducing mold, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, bacteria and VOCs
  • Increase Your Home's Comfort by making temperatures consistent throughout your home
  • Lengthen the life of your system by avoiding the many starts and stops of short cycling due to inefficient or improperly-sized systems
  • Get Peace of Mind with a system that will keep you cool even on the hottest summer days

New High-Efficiency Air Conditioning

New High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Installation

Our air conditioning experts will help determine the proper size and the precise installation of your new a/c system which ensures maximum savings, comfort, and system longevity.

Air Conditioning High Efficiency Systems - OLTROM

Proper System Size – We evaluate your home and take into consideration all aspects of its construction—such as materials, insulation, and windows.

Precise Installation – Our installation standards allow you to be assured that your new system will perform at the highest possible level. In addition, OLTROM Air Conditioning offers maintenance service to ensure your system’s peak performance for years to come.


Replace Old, Inefficient Components of Your Existing HVAC System with New, Energy-Efficient Versions

One of the biggest problems with normal HVAC systems is their inefficient components, simply replacing your single-stage air conditioner or your single speed blower with high-efficiency versions might be the best HVAC solution for you:

Air Conditioning High Efficiency Systems - OLTROM
Two-Stage Air Conditioner – A two-stage air conditioner can switch between stages to operate more efficiently and provide consistent temperatures.

Variable Speed Blower (VSB) – A VSB has a motor capable of adjusting its speed and automatically fine-tuning its performance to optimize air flow throughout your home, thus operating 20–60% more efficiently than a standard blower.